Livestock Air Transportation

ADC Air Cargo can provide efficient livestock transportation Air Cargo Charter within Europe, Middle East Area or to any other region of the world; we can provide the kind of individualized professional care and service that will bring you back to us.

We are experienced in handling live animals—ranging from Sheep, Goats, Heifer, Cow, Cattle, Calves, Horses, Camels, Deer to Alpacas, race Horses to household pets. Some of our zoological included Bears, Pandas, Koalas and the rare Indian Rhino. We make this happen with our dedicated experienced staff; our advanced B747-400F freighters with additional air-conditioning equipment that regulates temperature in the cargo compartment between 4° and 28°C; and the cabin pressure system that maintains constant conditions at 8000 feet altitude.


Aircraft B747 F Payload up to 105 Tons including Cages (Cages are IATA approved)



Pens for Live Sheep & Live Cattle on B747 F

Triple Deck for Live Sheep & Goats


Cages of Live Cattle, Cow and Horses


Double Deck Cages for Live sheep/ Goats & Young Cattle



Using B747-400F aircraft is very well equipped and our crew have experience in managing livestock cargo.
Clients are assured of a reliable and comprehensive service for the safe and efficient handling, transport and delivery of their livestock.
The carriage of any live animal by air must comply with the current edition of the IATA Live Animals Regulations. These regulations specify the design elements of the containers for the animals, documentation, labeling and handling recommendations.

Benefits of using ADC Air Cargo for livestock transportation

• Available and well equipped fleet of aircraft
• Available of ULD ‘s Cages for livestock ( Heifer, Sheep, Goats, Pig, Cattle , Calves, Horses)
• Providing a full range of services in both a country of departure and a destination country
• Meeting the customer’s needs



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