The A330-200/300F is capable of carrying 65 tonnes (140,000 lb) over 7,400 km (4,000 nmi; 4,600 mi) or 70 tonnes (150,000 lb) up to 5,900 km (3,200 nmi; 3,700 mi). The A330-200/300F's large main-deck cargo door allows the aircraft to accept all commonly-used pallets and containers, enabling the transport of a full range of cargo- from high-value consumer goods to express packages, perishables and Livestock A330-200/300F can loads the Stalls of livestock on below configuration;

  31 Single Stalls of live sheep/Goats/ Pigs/Calves
  28 Single Stalls + 3 Double Deck Stalls of live sheep/Goats/Pigs/Calves
  15 Double deck Stalls + 9 Single stalls of live sheep/Goats/Pigs/ Calves
  24 Stalls of live Cattle/Heifers/Cow

Please forward your requests to Livestock@adcaircargo.com

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