The Boeing B747-400 Freighter is a heavy cargo aircraft - up to 120 tons payload, nose door and large side cargo door, belly freight, main cargo deck with 30 pallet positions & lower cargo deck with 9 pallets positions, largest palletized cargo aircraft, pressurized cargo cabin suitable for freight all kinds, temperature control range from 4° to 30° Celsius degrees, livestock & perishables. This aircraft is very well suitable for long haul cargo flights up to 11.380 kms range.

B747-400F can load the Stalls of livestock on below configuration;

  25 Triple deck Stalls + 4 Double Stalls & 10 Single stalls of live sheep/Goats/Pigs/ Calves
  39 Stalls of live Cattle/Heifers/Cow

Please forward your requests to Livestock@adcaircargo.com