The B777 Freighter (777F) is an all-cargo version of the twinjet, and shares features with the -200LR; these include its airframe, engines,and fuel capacity. With a maximum payload of 226,000 lb (103,000 kg), cargo capacity.

The B777F has a range of 4,900 nmi (9,070 km) at maximum payload,although greater range is possible if less cargo weight is carried.

B777-200F can load the Stalls of livestock on below configuration;

  25 Triple deck Stalls + 2 Double Stalls & 10 Single stalls of live sheep/Goats/Pigs
  27 Double Deck Stall + 10 Single Stalls for Calves transportation
  35 Stalls of live Cattle/Heifers/Cow

Please forward your requests to Livestock@adcaircargo.com